Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two Forts, One Lucky Dog

The Thames River runs between Fort Trumbull on its New London shore and Fort Griswold, high atop Groton Heights on the east (Groton) side. A rock seawall, perfect for climbing and enjoying the ocean-tinged air, offers views of the river, the forts and the boat traffic.

(It also provides a break from the pervasive odor of the nearby sewage plant near Fort Trumbull, which, despite recent efforts, still gives off a funky stink.)

One four-legged visitor (who originally came from Oklahoma, by way of Arkansas, then Boston), sure enjoyed the scents on the breeze. There's a steep hill to climb, a fishing pier to explore, and plenty of seagulls overhead at the park.

For history enthusiasts, there's so much depth to Fort Trumbull (Civil War soldiers drilled here, much U.S. Navy technology was developed on site or nearby), a full day can be devoted to skimming the topics. Fort Griswold (an important site during the fight for independence), is worth a day by itself.