Saturday, January 23, 2010

Walking The Circuit At Pieper Olson Vet: Connecticut Valley Associates

The original house where it all started - Pieper Olson, on Randolph Road. A new circular walking path with pet-friendly features is being developed in Middletown at Pieper-Olson Vet, now part of the Connecticut Valley Associates network.

The original hospital, housed in a farmhouse, is being expanded and construction continues throughout the winter.

The path will eventually feature several fenced play yard areas, bird-friendly plantings, benches and other diversions for walkers and their companions. Meet-ups for fellow walkers can be arranged.

The walking path is open at present and the loop skirts the entire property.At Pieper Olson Vets on Randolph Road in Middletown, part of a network.
A new circular walking path is being developed in Middletown at what was Pieper-Olson Vet.