Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Walk Connecticut River Valley, See History

The late Eric Sloane is one of my heroes - he was an artist, writer, lover of life, and keen observer. He wrote about early American barns, useful outbuildings, tools and illustrated the same.

This stone springhouse caught my eye while out riding. The farmhouse is timeless and once looked out over a valley and fields. That's all housing nowadays, but at least the house and outbuilding still stand.

According to Wikipedia, a springhouse is "a small building used for refrigeration once commonly found in rural areas before the advent of electric refrigeration. It is usually a one-room building constructed over the source of a spring. . . .The main use of a spring house is for the long-term storage of food that would otherwise spoil, such as meat, fruit or dairy products."

Trillium is blooming now, what a treasure. And I'm looking forward to finding some May apples this year.