Friday, May 7, 2010

Eye-Level Beauty: Why Walk Or Stroll

There's so much to see on a walk. From botanical sights to architecture and geologic wonders - it's all missed in a vehicle.

Take Middletown, Connecticut - home to Wesleyan University, a vibrant Main Street with dozens a restaurants and eateries plus its location right on the Connecticut River.

Wesleyan offers acres of sidewalks, buildings built of brownstone, crosswalks, history.

The university even has a site dedicated to virtual geological field trips where walkers may brush up on information and details about formations before setting out for trips close to home or across the globe.

On a recent visit to New York City, the brownstones (many built from Portland quarry stone, right across the river from Middletown), intrigued me. New York offers walking tours in a dizzying array from history to art to architecture. Comfortable footwear matters while spending a day on foot. Your choice in shoes will mean a day of delight or pure hell with foot pain.