Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot Dogs And Cool, Cool River Walks

Clean, cool water, oh how we humans take it for granted.

On hot summer days, four-legged and two-legged beings head for the shade and water in the form of rivers, streams, ponds and pools.

The Connecticut River is New England's longest river, a tidal highway of much history and scenic beauty.Now there's even more ways to re-connect with the river as the first sections of the Connecticut River Walk and Bikeway, a 3.7 mile segment in Springfield and a 1.7 mile segment in Agawam, Massachusetts, are open to the public. (Be sure to carry plenty of clean water, don't let dogs drink river water if possible.)

Visitors can stroll near the banks of the Connecticut River, on trails that include publicly-owned municipal flood control land.

Trail Access and Parking

Visitors may park under I-91 near the Riverfront Park entrance at West Columbus Avenue and State Street. Find additional entrances to the Springfield portion of the River Walk & Bikeway at West Columbus Ave. just north of the South End Bridge, via the pedestrian bridge at the Basketball Hall of Fame, and Riverfront Park on West Columbus Ave. & State St. Trail maps are available for more locations for public access to the trail and parking.